:: Starting this coming December, we will be fee-free for the months the seasons change over: March, June, September, December. The money raised in the donation-only submission months will go towards standard expenses a journal incurs: Submittable fees, website fees, promotional fees. We remain a volunteer-run journal, and we appreciate your help in keeping us in print. ::

When asked what we are looking for in our work, we can simply say, writing that causes that little shiver.  We don't have restrictions on form or content, and we are interested in the established to emerging writer.  If the work is good, it speaks for itself; we don't need a cover letter, though they are welcome.  (If you do opt to include a bio in your cover letter, please keep it to 100 words or fewer.)

We thank you for trusting us with your work.  One of the luckiest things is finding the amazing and unknown within these submission pages.

A few specifics--

:: While we are a poetry-specific journal, we seek to expand the definition of poetry.

:: We regret we cannot pay contributors at this time, but we do nominate for Pushcart Prizes, Best New Poets, and Best of the Net.  We are proud of our contributors, and seek to help promote your work.

:: We ask for first rights, and we also ask that any future publications of your accepted poems are acknowledged back to Tinderbox Poetry Journal.

:: We only accept general submissions through Submittable.  We encourage you to query via email in unique circumstances.

:: Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate revisions once you have press the submit button and the work is under consideration. 

:: Please include all poems in one file. It keeps costs down. Please also refrain from putting more than one poem to a page.  

:: We do accept simultaneous submissions. Please notify us immediately if your submission has been accepted elsewhere.

:: We do not accept previously published work. This includes work that has been revised from a previously published poem.

:: We do not accept multiple submissions. Please wait to hear from us about your active submission before you submit again.

:: We hope to respond to your submission within three months--sooner!--though the ebb and flow of our inbox will cause variation. Please feel free to query if we take longer.

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