:: Tinderbox Poetry Journal has been the original home of poems appearing in the Pushcart anthology and The Best of the Net anthology.

:: We are fee-free for the months the seasons change over: March, June, September, December. The money raised in the donation-only submission months will go towards standard expenses a journal incurs: Submittable fees, website fees, promotional fees. We remain a volunteer-run journal, and we appreciate your help in keeping us in print. 

When asked what we are looking for in our work, we can simply say, writing that causes that little shiver.  We don't have restrictions on form or content, and we are interested in the established to emerging writer.  If the work is good, it speaks for itself; we don't need a cover letter, though they are welcome.  (If you do opt to include a bio in your cover letter, please keep it to 100 words or fewer.)

We thank you for trusting us with your work.  One of the luckiest things is finding the amazing and unknown within these submission pages.

A few specifics--

:: While we are a poetry-specific journal, we seek to expand the definition of poetry.

:: We regret we cannot pay contributors at this time, but we do nominate for Pushcart Prizes, Best New Poets, and Best of the Net.  We are proud of our contributors, and seek to help promote your work.

:: We ask for first rights, and we also ask that any future publications of your accepted poems are acknowledged back to Tinderbox Poetry Journal.

:: We only accept general submissions through Submittable.  We encourage you to query via email in unique circumstances.

:: Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate revisions once you have press the submit button and the work is under consideration. 

:: Please include all poems in one file. It keeps costs down. Please also refrain from putting more than one poem to a page.  

:: We do accept simultaneous submissions. Please notify us immediately if your submission has been accepted elsewhere.

:: We do not accept previously published work. This includes work that has been revised from a previously published poem.

:: We do not accept multiple submissions. Please wait to hear from us about your active submission before you submit again.

:: We hope to respond to your submission within three months--sooner!--though the ebb and flow of our inbox will cause variation. Please feel free to query if we take longer.
If you have a digital reviewer's copy of your recently released (within the last 12 months, preferably) book, please submit it here for review consideration.

We prefer to review books of poetry and literary books from small, independent presses. We are willing to review chapbooks and other unique forms that often receive less attention from larger review outlets. 

If you have any questions, please email Randon Billings Noble at tinderboxreviews@gmail.com
$ 3.00 - 5.00
$ 3.00 - 5.00
:: We are open to fee-free submissions in the months the seasons change over: March, June, September, December. ::

You can use this category for any of the submissions we accept:  poetry, lyric/hybrid, conversation/essay. 

Know that we appreciate anyone who chooses this category, though we will regularly have fee-free options available. We are poets ourselves; we understand how draining this can be on one's wallet. Using this category does not privilege the submission, but we do appreciate your dedication and assistance to a growing journal.

:: 3-4 pieces per submission (from free verse to formal, lyric essay, flash forms, sequences of fragments, lyric drama, and on--we're thrilled to read poems that expand the concept of what a poem can be)

:: no more than 6 pages

:: cover letter not required, though welcome

:: If you need to withdraw a single piece from your submission, please leave a note in the Submittable system.  (Go to your dashboard, click on "View," then write a note in the box.)  It's easier to keep track this way.

Thanks for thinking of Tinderbox as a home for your work!

Tinderbox is a poetry journal but we publish reviews of poetry, creative nonfiction, literary fiction, and hybrid forms.  We are especially interested in featuring titles from smaller presses, but we don’t review self-published work.

Reviews should be 500-800 words.  We are open to longer reviews but there needs to be a good reason – let’s have that conversation before you submit.

As for voice/attitude/style, we're looking for reviews that are excited about the books in question.  Thoughtful criticism is of course part of any good review, but the general tone should be enthusiastic, smart, bold, personal (if you like) and warm.

Please include any important background information about the other’s other work, awards she has won or any other pertinent information that would be helpful context for your review.  Quotes are helpful but don’t get carried away – short and revealing is best.  Same goes for plot summary – some broad strokes and a few details are OK but no spoilers, please!


The beginning of your review should be formatted as follows:


An image of the cover of the book          

Title by Author

Name of press (with hyperlink embedded!)

# pages, price


Review by Your Name


Please also include a 50-word bio at the end of your review each time you submit a review (we don’t keep reviewers’ bios on file and they’re likely to change over time).

 All reviews are subject to editorial suggestions and revisions before publication.  You will have a chance to approve of any edits before publication.  If you choose not to make the edits, Tinderbox may not publish your review.

 Every so often we'll send you a list of titles we have available for review but you are welcome to pitch your own titles, as long as the books have come out in the last year (or so).  

In addition to reviews, we are interested in

·      Longer review essays of more than one title that explore a theme or trend or issue in addition to reviewing the books in question

·      Round-up reviews of more than one title (three chapbooks, two short essay collections, etc.)

·      Author interviews that accompany a shorter review

·      Books that Stay with Us: reviews of books that are at least ten years old, of any genre, that you love, that have stayed with you

·      Pitches for other book-related writing

Please address queries to Randon Billings Noble at tinderboxreviews (at) gmail (dot the rest)

$ 5.00 - 100.00
$ 5.00 - 100.00
We don't charge for submissions and don't plan to. We also don't have submission fees. But running a journal like this costs money: website costs, submittable fees, promotional materials, the like. If you would like to chip in and help keep our budget in the black, we're forever grateful. Thank you.